Hello there!

I am Jaakko Kronqvist from Finland and I have an interest in making stuff myself. Even though I may not take myself too seriously, I am serious about my work, the environment and the products I create.

I first started airsoft in 2017 and with it began making my own gear. Producing gear developed into a hobby and I realized I could use it as a way to make a money out of something I enjoy doing. I have fulfilled quite a few orders and now I'm looking to expand more within Finland and Europe, hopefully even outside of the airsoft market.

Crown Customs is based around custom products designed specifically for each customer. When purchasing my products, you have the ability to customize it based on your needs. Which is where my kind of generic slogan "Designed with you, for you." comes from. If you’re interested in an order, please use the contact form below or Discord to contact me.

Transparency is also essential to me so I keep customers up to date on every step of their product’s development, if they so desire.

In case you have any questions about custom orders or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I can offer completely custom products from scratch- and modifications on request, provided I have the tools necessary.

You can also contact me directly on my Discord or sending me a email to: mail@crowncustoms.fi