Tactical gear

Handmade by Crown Customs in Finland.

Two-Piece Belts

Simple loop/hook inner belt

Starts at: 15,00€

Inner belt for two-piece belt systems

Different buckle options

Starts at: 90,00€

50mm outer belt with different buckle options & PALS

Soft webbing loop

Starts at: 130,00€

50mm outer belt with an AustriAlpin Cobra buckle, soft webbing loop & PALS

One-Piece Belts

Simple belt with different buckle options

Starts at: 15,00€

The simplest of belts with different buckle options

AustriAlpin D-ring Cobra buckle

Starts at: 70,00€

Slim, 40mm stiff rigger's belt with a metal D-ring Cobra buckle


Sold per piece

Starts at: 5,00€

QASM MOLLE adapter that can attach vertically to PALS webbing

Coming Soon


(prototype pictured)

Starts at 15,00€

Modular harness system


(Assault PALS Waist Straps) ITW DWSR Buckle (protoype pictured)

Starts at 30,00€

PALS waist straps for backpacks


(Straps not included)

Starts at: 45,00€

Swiftclip harness compatible light-weight chest rig available in different sizes

Jappu sling

Ecosystem of sling pieces to combine

Starts at: 10,00€

Different front- and back ends to suit your needs