Liner Belt

  • Available widths:
    • 40mm
    • 50mm
  • Polyethylene stiffener inside.

Starts at: 15,00€


Starts at: 18,00€


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The Crown Customs Liner Belt is a two-piece system inner belt with loop or hook on the outside.

The belt is worn as a regular belt through your pants' belt loops and then is worn under an outer belt such as the Respawn Belt 50.

Mainly available in black and green. Other colors/camouflages can be requested.

Base model features:

  • IR-Protected PES (Finn-Nauha) webbing for the base.
  • Loop on the outside of the belt for attaching to an outer belt, such as the Respawn Belt 50.
  • Polyethylene stiffener sandwiched between the webbing and loop. Hook available on request.
40mm loop Liner Belt
50mm loop Liner Belt